Our modules are used in both domestic and commercial photovoltaic applications. Our product range from 40 watt to 345 watt caters to needs ranging from rural electrification to big power plants. Stringent testing of individual photovoltaic modules ensures high performance, reliability and durability for both grid connected and stand alone systems.

Solis Solar satisfies various needs of the customers based on the production of the world’s best high efficiency solar modules and by pursuing a product specialization strategy. The company does the OEM at most advanced product lines in the industry, and plans to focus on the development of diverse and highly specialized products.

   Automatic Solar Module Production Line
  1. String Welding Machine
  2. Automatic Typesetting Machine
  3. Laminating Machine
  4. Sealing Robot
  5. Framing Machine
  6. EI Testing
  7. I-V Tester
  8. Automatic Production Line
  9. Automatic Separator
  10. Auto Cutting Machine

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