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60 Cells Module
Multi Crystalline Module



Solis Solar Modules are best in class in terms of Performance & Reliability. Our meticulous product design and stringent quality control ensures our modules deliver an exceptionally high PV yield.

Physical Characteristics

solis solar plates
90% Power output over 10 years
80% Power output over 25 years
8 years extended product workmanship warranty
 PID Free
 0 to +5W positive tolerance
 48-hours response service
 Accredited ammonia/salt mist resistance
 Linear Warranty
 NISE Approved

Solis Mars Series 60 Cell (4BB)

Excellent module power up to 265W
Excellent energy generation in weak light
Stable performance due to the IP67 waterproof junction box
  • ISO 9001 Quality management system certificate and ISO 14001 Environmental management  system certificate.
  • OHSAS 18001 international standards for occupational health and safety
  • IEC 61215 and IEC61730 A Level certification
0-5W,+ve power output
PID free module, Anti-PID material, Anti-PID cell technology
Wind load of up to 2400 Pa and heavy load up to 5400 Pa

Additional value from Solis Solar linear warranty

Lower annual power attenuation and higher reliability

First year power attention 2.5% and annual power attention of 0.7%% afterwards

Over 80% power output warranty for 25 years

solis module
 Item SOLIS-250 FS 60P SOLIS-255 FS 60P SOLIS-260 FS 60P SOLIS-265 FS 60P
 Max Power (Pmax)  250W 184W 255W 188W 260W 191W 265W 197W
  Opt. Operating Current (IMP)  8.17 A 6.59 A  8.28A  6.69 A  8.39 A 6.74 A  8.44 A  6.78 A
  Opt. Operating Voltage(VMP)  30.6 V  27.9 V  30.8 V  28.1 V  31.0 V 28.3 V  31.4 V  29.0 V
  Short Circuit Current (ISC)  8.76 A  7.01 A  8.86 A  7.12 A  8.96 A  7.22 A  9.03 A 7.36 A
 Open Circuit Voltage(VOC) 37.4 V 34.5 V 37.6V 34.7 V 37.8 V 34.9 V 38.6 V 35.3 V
 Module Efficiency  15.4%  15.7% 16.0% 16.3%
 Module Power Tolerance  0/+5%
 Operating Temperature  -40oC ~+85oC
 Max. System Voltage  1000VDC(IEC)
 Max. Nominal Fuse Content  20 A
 Application Level  A
 STC  Irradiance 1000 w/.2, module temperature 25oc, AM 1.5
 NOCT  Irradiance 800 W/ 2, Module temper m ature 20°C, AM 1.5, wind speed 1 m/s
Temperature Characteristics
 Nominal Operating Cell Temperature  45 ± 2oc
 Temperature Coefficient (Pmax)  -0.38%/oc
  Temperature Coefficient (voc)  -0.33%/oc
  Temperature Coefficient (Isc)  +0.067%/oc
Mechanical Data
CELL TYPE  156.75×156.75mm Multicrystaline (6 Inches)
Cell Arrangement  60 (6×10)
Dimensions  1640x992x35mm (64.6×39.1×1.4 inches)
 Weight  18.2 kgs (40.1 lbs.)
 Front Cover  3.2mm (0.13 inches) tempered glass
 Frame Material  Anodized aluminium alloy
 J-Box  IP67.3 diodes
 Cable  TUV (2Pfg 1169:2007)
 4.0 mm2 (0.006 inches2), (-) 1000mm (39.4 inches) and (+) 1000 mm (39.4 inches)
 Connector  PV-ZH20
Mars module design