We strive to be a globally active renewable energy company which is respected for its contribution to sustainable energy for all. An organization which is admired for its people, quality, performance and partnerships.



Our foundation is built on our core Values. We strive to maintain the highest standards of ethics and conduct business in a socially responsible manner. We respect the law of the land and endeavour to be the first choice for our employees, suppliers & partners.

Core Values

Respect and Dignity at work place

Highest standards of excellence

Accept that profit is key to running a sustainable business

Satisfied Customers and suppliers

Positively Contribute to society and environment

We analyse all the safety risks and develop specific plans

Developing Future With Solar Power

Solarizing Future

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

SOLIS SOLAR provides incalculable EPC services with all embracing and integrated technical expertise .With our in house team, we have deployed projects with the best in class materials and timely execution.


Our team operates and maintains solar power plants, offers monthly reporting on generation and activities, with product traceability and provides project commissioning expertise.




Tons of Co2 Emissions saved


Solar installations


Years of cumulative Solar Experience


  • Our In-house Solar module manufacturing and EPC team ensures hassle free project execution.
  • 10 years of industry experience
  • Highly qualified professional team
  • Highly Experience Top Management
  • Global exposure

The Earth has been supporting us. It is our turn now. Read on….

Symbols and depictions of Earth as our nurturer have been long present in human societies. We are blessed and showered every day with the endless gifts of the Earth i.e; air to breathe, nurturing rain, black soil, tree etc. But the irony is that we only took from the earth and never paid back for it. For the nature to stay in balance, and for those endless flow of receiving, we must give back in equal measure for what we take.

Our Modern society is extremely dependent electricity generated by oil and coal, which both add to greenhouse gas buildup in the environment. Our homes, vehicles and technologies require immense amount of energy which results in consuming more and more fossil fuels.

But it’s our time to give back to the earth. There are multiple technologies used to create electricity from solar energy. These technologies help the environment because they reduce the need to burn fossil fuels. That means a tremendous drop in air pollution, pollution and greenhouse gases.

The perennial source that never let us down. Read on…

Solar energy is one of those renewable resources that is great not only for the environment but for humans as well.One of the major benefits is that this type of energy doesn’t produce greenhouses gas and it doesn’t pollute water or air.

Sunlight can be used directly for heating and lighting homes and businesses, for generating electricity, and for hot water heating, solar cooling, and a variety of other commercial and industrial uses.  Most critical, given the growing concern over climate change and raised pollution problems , is the fact that solar electricity generation represents a safe & clean alternative to electricity from fossil fuels, with no air and water pollution, no global warming pollution, no risks of electricity price spikes, and  most importantly no threats to public health. This great perennial source never let us down and help us to go for an alternative resource without any harms.

All roads lead to Solar!

Since we design the solar from the beginning

Why solar energy?
Advantages of solar energy:
The cost benefit ratio:
Commercial use:
The Life expectancy:
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True environmental protection lies in loving the mountains, the oceans
and in cherishing all creation.