How Solar Power is Helping Industries?

How Solar Power is Helping Industries Cut Down Costs and Improve Savings?

In our country , the industrial sector is one of the major consumers of energy. In India, this sector consumes almost 45% energy from the national pool. However a major chunk of their energy requirements are fulfilled by fossil fuel oriented energies. But in recent times the industrial sector has tried to shift away from this trend.

In the recent past, the industries have tried to focus more on renewable and sustainable sources of energy. Which is why, we have seen a steep rise in the popularity of renewable sources of energy like solar and wind energy to cut down their dependency upon conventional sources. However this paradigm shift has happened not due to one or two reasons but due to the entire set of reasons. Some of them are:

Long term source of cheap energy

Reports have established that the use of solar energy instead of conventional sources can help you cut down your electricity expenses by even 60-70%. The installation of solar panels is a one time investment that can fulfill your energy requirements for decades. It is more likely that you can cover up the entire solar set up cost within just 5-7 years of its installation. An average solar panel can serve you up to 30-35 years, if kept under proper maintenance. Most of the manufacturers even provide 25- years performance warranty.  Which means installing a solar panel is somewhat like prepaying your electricity bills for the next 25-35 years. A prime example of this is Apple Inc’s newly built headquarters in California. The entire complex operates on 100% renewable energy and has solar rooftops worth 17-Megawatts installed all over the complex. Whereas all the data centres of Apple that have been built post 2014 function entirely renewable energy sources like solar.

Pocket friendly maintenance

The amount required for the maintenance of solar installation is almost negligible with respect to any other source of energy. To take care of your solar installations you may not need a huge team of workers but a small, dedicated team. While its installation can also be done in a space of just a few hundred square feet area, its maintenance too doesn’t require a high degree of technical knowledge. It can be easily done by a person with some basic knowledge. In fact, the annual maintenance cost of a 3kW Solar PV system is just around $150-$330.

Environment friendly alternative

When it comes to environmental friendly alternatives, nothing can beat the effectiveness of Solar energy. Also the ‘carbon footprint left behind by solar energy is almost negligible. A study has concluded that solar energy leaves behind just 6gCO2e/kWh of carbon while carbon footprint of fossil fuels like coal is way too alarming. The solar alternative is not just beneficial from the monetary point of view, but also helps in providing more cleaner and greener working atmosphere to the employees. Therefore, by opting for  solar energy as its primary energy source, the industry sector can contribute more effectively towards the goal of environmental conservation. Taking this initiative a step further Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is working on the project of making Delhi Metro world’s first ever 100% solar powered rail network. Currently, Delhi metro uses solar energy to fulfill its 60% energy needs and by 2021, this figure will touch the cent percent mark.

Monetary and Tax Benefits

The use of solar energy is being actively encouraged even by government. For this, the government has even announced tax credits for the institutions and individuals who install solar panels in their premises. As per the recent order issued by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the government provides 30% subsidy for the solar panels installed for both residential and commercial purposes. Also the solar panels are way too cheaper than they used to be a decade ago. All hail to the collective efforts of government and civil society.

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